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Born and Raised in the Florida Sun, I am first generation American Iranian. With my mum as my muse and my father teaching me everything to know about classic rock and the blues, I have been raised with such a unique style. I was surrounded by well dressed women, from European fashion to classic vintage that speaks volumes to who I am today.


My inspiration from the 60’s  and 70’s started when my Dad was spinning records as my Mum would cook to Neil Young dressed up like there was no tomorrow.


As an old soul, I am a free spirit who knows one thing  for sure - I love to inspire and make people feel good in their own skin. I believe that fashion is an adventure and finding your style is a ride. It is my passion to help others find theirs. Over the years, the cultivation of collecting records, sorting through racks of vintage clothing in obscure places I would come across, hiking mountains with my pup Rider, exploring new places, and seeing live music has truly fed my soul.


Simply put, your way of life drives the way you dress, and the way you dress drives your way of life. Because of this, the lovechild between my inner and outer being was born, and Rider Goods was created.  Rider Goods is a place where you will see inspiration from the way I was raised, my obsession with old tunes, and a space where the past and self-expression meet.


Style is not something that is solely found within the walls of a store, but through your life and experiences. I hope you feel yourself and explore this little blast to the past.


Look good feel good baby,  welcome folks to Rider Goods! 

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