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Born in the Florida sun, I am a first-generation Iranian American. With my mum as my muse and my father teaching me everything to know about classic rock and the blues, I have been raised with such a unique style. I grew up surrounded by well-dressed women and a father who was a man of many hats. It speaks volumes to who I am today.


I love to inspire and make people feel good in their own skin. I believe that fashion is an adventure, and finding your style is a ride. It is my passion to help others find theirs. People often ask where I do most of my sourcing, and the answer to that is - It's a family affair. My mum and aunt have been collecting iconic pieces for years before I was born, so together, we all source for the shop. 


Making playlists, sorting through racks, and traveling to unknown places to stay inspired and find the most special goods to share is what I live for.


Simply put, your experiences shape your style, and because of this, Rider Goods was created. Rider Goods is a place where you will see inspiration from the way I was raised, to eclectic music, and a place where the past and present self-expression meet.


I hope you feel yourself as you explore the ride.


Look good, feel good, baby!

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